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CMI excels in ethical trading auditing

The CMI food group – Corporación Multi Inversiones, recently received an outstanding rating for its INA pasta production plant in Guatemala, after successfully passing the Ethical Trade Audit of Sedex Members.

The results of the audit were outstanding in the four pillars that comprise it: labor standards, health and safety, environment and business ethics. SMETA is one of the most widely used social auditing procedures in the world, with an international methodology that collects and assesses all aspects of responsible business practice.

“We are very proud of the results of this audit because the SMETA evaluation allows us to corroborate the efforts made in sustainability matters. Our corporate values govern the operation of CMI-Alimentos, so that we have a responsible business practice, of benefit to our community: customers, employees and the environment ”, stated: Eduardo Romero, General Director of the Food and Consumption Business Unit.

«We feed your world to fill it with well-being» under this purpose and with almost 100 years of experience, CMI-Alimentos, follows the highest standards for the production of quality food.

CMI-Food also has a broad portfolio of leading brands and serves world-class international clients. “We are proud to be a benchmark for quality. At CMI-Alimentos, continuous improvement of our work is very important and the results of this audit encourage us to continue working with excellence, to continue bringing the best food to our customers, ”Eduardo Romero concluded.